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Don’t let unwanted guests take over your home; for pest control Tewksbury, MA area residents can rely on, call upon Pest Specialist LLC today. With more than 25 years of service behind us, we have grown to be the top leaders in the industry of pest control in Tewksbury, MA and surrounding areas. In order to keep a top reputation, we work hard to make sure each of our customers are satisfied with the work and the prices we provide to all of our customers for pest control in Tewksbury, MA. We know that it can be upsetting for anyone to have to deal with a pest control problem, and that is why we work hard to get rid of the problem entirely. Not only can we get rid of current pests that may invade your home, but we can put together a plan that will help you prevent any pests from invading your home. As gross as it may be, we share this environment with pests like rodents, termites, cockroaches, and more, and sometimes the only way to get rid of them is to employ pest control in Tewksbury, MA. Here at Pest Specialist LLC, we understand all the ins and outs of pest control in Tewksbury, MA and we can come up with a plan to get rid of and prevent pests in your area. We know that you will be pleased with our services.

Not only do we get rave reviews from our customers, but our ratings from the Better Business Bureau are high. When you are looking for help with pest control in Tewksbury, MA, you should always remember to look for a company that is trusted by the people and by the Better Business Bureau just like Pest Specialists LLC. As we offer our services, our experts here have built a strong reputation for excellence, offering this area a solution to all your pest control needs.

In order to book our services for pest control in Tewksbury, MA, all you have to do is give us a call and any of our dedicated staff members can help answer your questions, or book a consultation. Additionally, you can refer to our website for how to stay in contact with our team.


When it comes to pest control in Tewksbury, MA, we know you want a company that you can trust. One of the best things about Pest Specialist LLC is that it is owned and operated by pest control expert, Tim Frazier. Tim at Pest Specialist LLC specializes in structural pest control, controlling and preventing pests like carpenter ants, termites and other wood-destroying organisms from invading your home. Tim has built Pest Specialist LLC as a top company in the area that is organized, informed, and empowered with all of the right tools to get rid of the pests of the area with pest control in Tewksbury, MA. One of the most important reasons to go with a local and trusted company like Pest Specialist LLC is because we have over 25 years of experience with the type of pests that live in this area. Additionally, over time, we continually learn more about the best ways to both get rid of pests and to prevent pests in the area. When it comes to updating our equipment and educating our exterminators, we spare no expense. We want you to be sure that when you hire us, you are getting the best pest control in Tewksbury, MA. We know we can deliver on that promise, and we are excited to help you with pest control, Tewksbury, MA and beyond.

We know that pests can be an annoyance, but it’s also important to remember that pests aren’t just annoying; they can also carry diseases and health risks to you and your family. The last thing you want is to find out that you are suffering from something like Lyme Disease caused by ticks, especially when you could have easily prevented this with pest control in Tewksbury, MA.

For the health of your family, remember that it’s important to consult often with a pest control specialists. Protect your home today by calling (855) 500-7378 and learning more about pest control in Tewksbury, MA. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse, give us a call and schedule your consultation today. We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have about pest control in Tewksbury, MA.


Whether you have an ant problem or bats, mice or bees, there is usually a simple answer to how they are getting into your home. Pest Specialist LLC, can help you with any and all of these problems. You don’t have to wait to get stung, bitten, or suffer any other damages caused by pests. You can call us and we can help you out as soon as possible with pest control in Tewksbury, MA.

If you own a home or a business and need pest control in or around Tewksbury, MA, our exterminators will work with you to find the origin of pests and stop them. For us, it’s simple, even though it may seem like a large task. For pest control Tewksbury, MA area residents can trust to last a long time, ask about our prevention programs today; we look forward to serving you.