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Our highly trained technicians are capable of handling any kind of local pest problem

Common Pest IssueBecause of our top quality control and prevention services, residents have turned to Pest Specialist LLC for many years. Our proven pest control services and unfailing commitment to customer service, makes us the favorite for exterminators in the Peabody, MA area. We always strive to leave our customers feeling good about the jobs we’ve done, ensuring their peace of minds’ when it comes to pest problems. We aim to provide effective services, while making sure you have a good experience, without taking unnecessary time out of your busy life. The real-life accounts on our testimonials page attest to the success we have had in regards to achieving our goals.

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At Pest Specialist LLC, we have been providing the people of Peabody, MA with effective pest control for over 25 years. Our highly trained technicians are capable of handling any kind of local pest problem. Whether you are interested in one-time treatment to rid your property of an unwanted pest, or if you desire preventative services to keep your home safe from a potential pest invasions, we have the tools and expertise to fit your needs. Sometimes, the best defense against a potentially dangerous pest invasion is to seek out preventative services. Stopping a pest problem before it starts can ensure a small invasion from growing into a big, expensive problem. At Pest Specialist LLC, we specialize preventative services, offering many treatment options to meet your schedule, budget, and risk level. Our varying options for preventative treatments include:

  • Semi-annual options
  • Annual options
  • Quarterly and tri-annual options
  • Rodent semi-annual options
  • VA and FHA inspections

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Whether you are looking for one-time pest removal treatment, or preventative services to protect your property from pests, Pest Specialist LLC is the business to call. Call us today at (855) 500-7378. We are the experts on the North Shore.

About Pest Specialist LLC

When it comes to quality work in Massachusetts and beyond, look no further than the team working at Pest Specialist LLC. As an expert exterminator and pest control specialist, Tim Frasier has been serving the people of New England and their homes for well over two decades. With over 25 years of experience in pest service, local area residents know that there is no better individual to help you with your stubborn pest problem. We work at the cutting edge of pest control, meaning we make use of all the latest and most effective technologies to ensure that your home stays free from unwanted intruders. We work to prevent a variety of pests during all four seasons. Our time tested pest control methods are consistently effective, and we have a wide array of satisfied clients who can advocate for our services. When you are looking for an area expert, just know that Tim Frasier and Pest Specialist LLC is one of the best available options.

Pest Specialist LLC Provides Effective Service To Local Residents

At Pest Specialist LLC, we provide prevention services as part of our offerings to our valued clients. Not only can you utilize our services to rid your home of unwelcome pests, but you can also count on our prevention efforts to keep your home safe before the threat even arises. With over two decades of experience, the Pest Specialist LLC team is here for you, analyzing your specific pest situation, and offering the most effective possible solutions in the area. If you have been searching for a solution for a while that is affordable and will give you the peace of mind of a safe and pest-free home, look no further than Pest Specialist LLC.

As you might expect, having a pest problem in your home is never a pleasant situation. No one wants to discover that pests have been intruding in your house, regardless of the season or weather. Pest types can differ in New England from season to season, but at Pest Specialist LLC, we are experienced with extermination and prevention during all times of the year. No matter the type of pests or time of year, call Pest Specialist LLC for the best class control and prevention services. We have great results dealing with a wide variety of New England household pests, and hundreds of our past customers can vouch for the effectiveness of our services. We have many great testimonials, and we are showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to helping people keep their homes safe and secure with effective control service in every season. Get in touch with Pest Specialist LLC today to get more information about our services.

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At the first sign of a pest intrusion or potential pest problem, give Pest Specialist LLC a call. Even if you do not see a pest itself, but notice warning signs, calling us for prevention services might be your best bet. We are here to help you with a wide array of services during all of the New England seasons. If you begin to experience insects or rodents intruding in your home, or worse, damaging it, you should waste no time in calling for the help of a professional. Pest Specialist LLC is here for you in times like this. Pest problems on the North Shore are not easy tasks to take on alone, and it is highly recommended to get the help of an expert. It takes experience and the correct control methods to effectively rid a home of pests, and to keep them away in the future. When you find yourself in need of service that never fails, residents can feel free to give us a call at (855) 500-7378. Remember, if you are experiencing the intrusion of pests on your property; give Pest Specialist LLC a call today. We are one of the top names in the area for all things relating to pesky household pests, and we are ready to help you.