Pest Control Chelmsford MA

Need pest control for your Chelmsford Massachusetts property?

Nobody wants to deal with unwanted houseguests, so for environmental-friendly pest control Chelmsford MA and area residents can rely on Pest Specialist LLC. Our technicians are certified and licensed to handle just about any pest situation, from seasonal infestations to providing preventative pest control. And with top ratings from the Better Business Bureau, and customer testimonials to match, you can be sure our services will provide for all your pest control needs.

Critters our pest control treatments target:

  • cockroaches
  • bats
  • bees and wasps
  • fruit flies
  • ...and more.
  • fleas
  • pill bugs
  • termites
  • earwigs

Providing greater Chelmsford MA pest control through prevention

When it comes to pest control, often times it’s easier to protect your home from the outside before the problem starts. Do you have an ant or rodent problem that you can’t seem to shake? Pest Specialist LLC provides our residential and commercial customers with a variety of treatment options to ensure your home is protected annually. These options include: Semi-annual, quarterly, tri-annual and annual options, as well as a rodent semi-annual option meant to prevent mice and rats from burrowing inside your walls.

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For preventative or emergency pest control, Chelmsford MA and area residents can call us at (855) 500-7378 to schedule an appointment.